The Letort

The Letort in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is one of those streams you either love or hate depending upon your mindset or stage as a fly fisherman. It is without a doubt one of the most famous limestone spring creeks in the world. The stream holds some of the most sophisticated brown trout in the fly fishing universe.  But to the fly angler who wants a challenge it's the place that let's you test your skill on a legendary stream with legendary trout and perhaps see the ghosts of legendary fly anglers who past this way.  It is not a stream for a person who is just getting into fly fishing contrary to what many so called websites will tell you.

Unlike freestone streams this stream has a lot of food so the trout can be finicky and that they are to say the least.  Sunlight, shadows and the Charlie fox of the letortenvironment can haunt your every move because the stream and its trout are unforgiving but oh, the reward of fooling and landing a few of these fish and trying to trick the occasional monster from under the banks can make it all worth while. These trout will test you but that's what it's all about. I'm Gene "Guido" Macri and this is one of my sites on these streams.  I've done all the scientific work on these waters and have fished them for over 35 years with some of the legends who have passed this way including Charlie Fox, Gene Utech, Tommy Thomas, and others.  This website is to give you a realistic view of what this stream is all about (the photo above from Dave Williams III shows the late legendary Charlie Fox talking to an English River Keeper, Ron Holloway on the Letort).

This is the stream you come to fly fish when you want to realize how far you have progressed as fly fisherman.  It's the stream that lets you refine your technique but will also show your weakness. But you will learn what they are and you will become a better fly fisherman for it. These are the major leagues of fly fishing.  So step right up and whatever you need instruction, guiding or just free info I'll be glad to help you out.  Please read the rest of the site because it will give you some invaluable lessons and characteristics of this spring creek. Also, check out the present conditions on the Letort in our podcasts.

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