Fly Fishing The Letort Spring Run
Eugene P. Macri Jr.

Fly Fishing The Letort (Letort Spring Run) is one of the most perplexing and complex streams in the world. This limestone spring creek yields its secrets sparingly to say the least.  One of the difficulties is the fact that because the hatches have declined in the last 30 years the trout don't rise like they use to. Therefore, the fish are more difficult to approach because of their cone of vision.

The brown trout of this limestone spring creek are almost impossible to approach on days that are particularly bright and without cloud cover. You are probably better off staying in a local bar and having a couple of malt Scotches rather than spook the fish on the Letort.  I say this not to discourage you but to allow you to come to grips with the idea that this is a difficult stream that requires the utmost in patience and stealth.

Because you are hunting for trout in most instances rather than fishing the water you must not compromise your position by improper wading, casting or other things which would put the fish down. Furthermore, no matter what you do some days the fish won't rise or won't be seen much.  These trout are wild and hide in the vegetation (macrophytes) or under the banks.

First you should have a game plan.  You can usually find a few fish nymphing or chasing the occasional sculpin or minnow.  Find an area of the stream that hasn't been disturbed and just wait. This is what the legendary Charlie Fox and Mariaro taught me.  Just wait!  Use binoculars to scan the water because the trout are like ghosts in this stream.  If you can find one feeding then figure a plan that includes how you are going to cast, approach, and land the fish.  Yes, figure all of this before you even start!  Because if you don't you'll either spook the fish or hook him and not land him because he will take you into the weeds.

This is the beginning of learning how to fish the Letort.  You can also contact me if you are interested in learning more.  One other piece of advice: Pick a Cloudy Day!!! And I mean it;  your success rate will improve dramatically!


Late August to Late September

Letort Spring Run Latest Fly Fishing Report. 

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