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The Limestoner Journal covers the following topics:

  • Limestone Spring Creeks of Pennsylvana and other states
  • Techniques and Methods for success on fly fishing these spring creeks
  • Fly Tying Patterns including many Patterns that most fly anglers don't know anything about
  • Aquatic Ecology and Entomology info for these spring creeks
  • Proper equipment to use on these streams including rod selection, lines, leaders, and tippets
  • An analysis of the best times of year to fish these streams
  • Break downs of these streams including the Letort, Big Spring, Green Spring, Yellow Breeches, Falling Spring and others
  • We also monitor what the state is doing or isn't doing to protect these streams

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Late August to Late September

Letort Spring Run Latest Fly Fishing Report. 

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